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Welcome to Shafer Legal Services, PLLC

Hi! My name is Jim Shafer and I am the owner of Shafer Legal Services, PLLC. I am writing this post to give you a little more background on me and my philosophy on life and the law.

I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and, at age 38, moved to Michigan, eventually winding up in Grand Rapids. I have two children and 4 dogs and live with my wife in Belmont, Michigan. In Indiana, I graduated from IUPUI with a History degree in 1994, and from IU Indy Law with a JD (specializing in tax law) in 1998.

After practicing for almost 15 years as a full-time attorney, specializing in business and tax law issues and transactions for hospitals and health systems, I became frustrated believing that I wasn't directly helping people. So, in 2012, I obtained my real estate license and formed Shafer Law Office, PLLC (now Shafer Legal Services, PLLC). In creating these two seemingly unrelated professions, I am aligning my skills and desires to serve one main goal - help people like you in whatever way I can, with whatever skills I have in my toolbox.

As a realtor, I learned much about human nature when people deal with the single largest investment of their lives (buying or selling a home) and discovered that I act more like a counselor, friend and trusted advisor than I am a salesman. As an attorney, I also learned much about human nature, that people need a counselor, friend and trusted advisor to help them navigate the rocky shoals of the law.

I hope that I can bring my skills and passion, and those of my 4-legged junior partners, to bear on your issues.

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