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Tax Season is Over - NOW WHAT??

April 18 has come and gone. Whew! What a relief (or a nightmare, depending on how well you managed to deal with your tax burden). You're free for another year!

Not so fast, Trigger. Recently, the IRS provided some great guidance for all of us on how to manage our continuing Federal tax obligations.

For example, have you managed to withhold enough from your income to avoid having to pay tax next year? Did you receive another 1099 form from an account you forgot and have to file an amended return? Did you file an extension and are still trying to pull together your receipts to actually get your return on file in October?

Here is the link to their advice.

If you find you are still dealing with 2016 (or earlier years), please call me at Shafer Legal Services, PLLC - 616.558.1098 - and I can help you figure it out.

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